Welcome to the Onitsoga Craft Contribution Center. Here you'll find the various benefits we offer in-game. 


Where does the money go?

It's used to fund the server costs of our game server, web server, server advertisements, buycraft, and any other overhead costs.

Questions regarding donating

If you have any questions about donating please contact a staff member in-game or make a post in the forum!


Contribution Via Payments


Credit Card or Paypal

A PayPal account is not required to make a contribution. 
You can checkout as a guest without signing up for a PayPal and use a credit/debit card instead.
A contribution is a contribution. You do not get your money back after you contribute.

Refund Policy

Since The items and ranks you are contributing for are Digital Intangible Items. There is a strict no refund policy. Since you can not replace the time it took to assign you your rank, and/or give back the items you received No refunds will be granted.


Attempts to circumvent our refund policy via filing un-authorized charges with your credit card company will result in a permanent ban, and could also cause a police investigation.